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Dr. Are Thoresen returns to Florida November 6th - November 11th, 2018!

More information coming soon! 

From Sandefjoird Norway, Dr Thoresen is touted as the father of surrogate pulse diagnosis, ting point therapy, Ko cycle cancer therapy and veterinary ECIWO treatment, Are has dedicated his life to the cutting edge use of Five Element Acupuncture to treat seemingly complex diseases with a simple and effective methodology.

Dr Are Thoresen, master of pulse diagnosis and five element acupuncture is presenting a stunning evolution of his highly effective techniques in this jam packed seminar offered at my 100 acre horse farm in beautiful west central Florida.  I have studied with Are for 25 years and feel that his tutelage has been the single most important factor in the success of my treatments.  Now he has embarked in a journey to relay his recent findings with the holistic veterinary community.  Although Are will be available in New York and Canada, this seminar will focus on case management and practical hands on learning.  All patients will be at my farm within feet of the classroom and available throughout the program.  To sweeten the pot, I am also offering complimentary night sessions on classical homeopathy and veterinary osteopathy as taught to me by The late Pascal Evrard.  I hope for this to be a coming together of dedicated healers to learn and share information to better help our patients.  Dr Peggy Fleming